Hello meine fruends , Meine name ist Alisia ich bin 18 jahre alt und bin aus New York City.. und meine duestch ist nicht gut haha. I love The Flash, animation, the human body and many other things that can't be categorized. On my blog here you shall see many things, ranging from poetry and crappy artwork to irrational text post and more senseless nonsense that I conjure from my cranium. Hope you enjoy your visit if you don't get scared off in the process.
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You tell me the reason why I’m so lonely is because I don’t go out there and mingle, the reason why I don’t have a boyfriend or haven’t dated is because I don’t go out and mingle,the reason why I can’t get over this guy is *drumroll please * is because I don’t GET OUT and MINGLE. And the one opportunity where I can actually go out and finally mingle, with teenagers in my age bracket, you shut me down. I can’t hang out with teenagers my age and I can’t pursue a 29 year old man. You can’t push and pull like, you want me to be teenager yet be an adult, but also be your baby. Its conflicting, because all my life I’ve acted several times my age since I was 12 .Besides the obvious life pangs that came with it I still made sure I acted as an adult or close to it so I wouldn’t be portrayed as childish, for being childish at 12 is deemed unacceptable. You instill this mental image for years,then when it comes to the time to branch out and explore with people my age all of a sudden it becomes a fucking problem? Why? Because they’re teenagers? Yes not many teenagers are like myself but,that’s only because they we’rent forced to conceal themselves and enjoy their adolescent youth. I’m afraid that if this keeps happening, I’m going to end up settling for anything that grants excitement. I don’t want that to cloud my judgment … all my life I’ve been sheltered and I’m tried of it… I’m afraid that all this pent up emotion is gointo lead to a negative fix ill soon later regret. I understand, a parents concern for the saftey of a child, especially a mother I do. I always keep perspective, but how tightly can you hold on to something before you kill it? It’s already half way done dream wise. If the other half is done might as well just kill me and set my dog free so he can have better life as opposed to being cooped up here. Excuse my dramatic writing style and grammar as well as my whining after all I am only a teenager.

This is the second time the cops came and this time there was no noise at all. Somebody is fucking around and needs to stop.